Hello Everyone!

This is Kaval from India and I capture everything that visually appeals to people. I love to click photos and also produce videos. I currently handle the video department at the True School of Music,Mumbai – India’s first western contemporary music school and nurture the next generation of musicians.

I love watching movies,listening music,hanging out with friends and doing all those things that any mid 20’s guy would want to do.

I love socializing and coming across new artistic people. They always turn out an inspiration and that helps me improve my work.

Hope you keep enjoying my work – Tasveerz…capturing life into moments

Feel free to write back or if you wanna know me more 🙂


visit – about.me/xplorkaval


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  1. I just checked out ur blog… I loved the photos… they’re awesome… ur works amazing… keep posting… 🙂

    1. thanks a lot dear 🙂 Good compliments always appreciate to work even more better.Stay tuned and enjoy my work 🙂 god bless!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Aian 🙂 Its been a year that I started with photography and slowly developed passion for it that made me drive to improve more with lapse of time. Glad to hear you love my work 🙂 Keep clicking 😀

  2. Hi Kaval. Thank you so much for the follow on my blog, that led me to yours. I’m glad we can follow each other’s adventures now in two different parts of the world. Be in touch! 🙂

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