Million Dollar Smile=]


8 thoughts on “Million Dollar Smile=]

  1. Kaval, this is a superb photograph. The framing, lighting, composition, and absolutely wonderful kids. The shadowy low light with illumination that throws the boy into silhouette is just perfect. The focus and depth of field is right and there is detail in the shadows. Excellent image making.
    Regards, John.

    1. Thanks a lot John for your valuable comment! Indeed,this is one of my favorite pictures till date..I love the girl for being natural and shy and it turned a great composition.

  2. Lovely picture… You showed that even though she is poor, she can still be happy 🙂 I wish all children had the same opportunities, it makes me sad that many children, even on my own continent, have to endure this kind of life.

    1. Poverty is a universal problem! The least we can do is give them education because their parents couldn’t get one but kids are tomorrow’s future.

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