The One Lovely Blog Award!

I have been nominated for The One Lovely Blog Award ! 

by one of the finest photographers I have come across Eva Kondzialkiewicz.

Check her out on

Thanks a lot for nominating me.I enjoy blogging as it is the finest social platform to come across people with similar interests. I nominate 15 blogs below whom I follow and have been a great inspiration in photography for an amateur like me. Happy Clicking !

The One Lovely Blog Award Rules:

1. Mention who gave it to you with a link back to their blog.
2. Share seven things about yourself
3. Give this award to fifteen other bloggers. Let them know they’ve won.
4. Post the award on your blog.

7 Things About Me:
I love photography and video editing.
I am an inspiring vfx artist and an editor and would love to make my career into it.
I love to travel and I carry my digicam almost everytime even when I am roaming around.
I believe we live in a world of frames and anything can be captured anytime.
I love watching movies and american shows.
I love my friends a lot who are like family to me.
I am a very focussed,patient,hard working guy making my world a happy one even though being alone.
15 Blogs I Nominated:


5 thoughts on “The One Lovely Blog Award!

    1. you are most welcome dear 🙂
      its always a pleasure to see your photography as it offers the finest captures..keep it up!

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